dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Best friend tag

Hello my beautiful readers,

Today im going write in English :)
I'd like you to meet one of my closest friend, Alena! 
We decided to do the 'Best Friend Tag' to see how well we know each other:)
Alena is almost 1 year my smilers best friend!
I hope you guys have fun with reading it :)

1.How and when did you meet?
D: On twitter we became friends we talked about how awsome Miley's outfit was :)
A: Twitter because of Miley, in November 7th 2013

2.Describe each other in one word?
D: ALENA BRAIN (wait that are 2 words HA HA HA)

3.What's your favourite memory together?
D: I think Alenas favourite memory ws when i wrote a super duper story about dance lessons :)
A: I think Daphne´s favo memory together is our best calls.

4.What was the last concert you saw?
A: Miley Cyrus - Bangerz Tour

5.Each others nicknames?
D :Alenas nickname is ADDY :)
A: DeeDee

6.If u could go anywhere in this world, where would it be and why?
D: I think Alena would choose America,because she love it there.
A: I think Daphne would go to Los Angeles  because she would can meet Miley Cyrus there.

7.Best laughing conversation ever?
D: I think when i wrote " Just on the beat" but there are more HILARIOUS conversations.
A: "just on the beat talk"

8.What's your favo fruit?
D: I guess......BANANA :D
A: I think Daphne´s favo fruit is banana

9.Favo movie
D: Ofcourse all Miley movies you like but also the movies that we watched together:)
A: Bad neighbors !

10.Funniest face
D: That tongue face when u lick a ice cream haha
A: Open mouth and staring eyes" lmao

D: Boys with legs like monkeys(yuck)ah
A: Toes

12.Do u guys have anything matching?
D: Yess! somethimes we say the same things once!
A: Our thoughts.

13.If she won the lottery, what is the first thing she'd buy for herself?
D: I think a ticket ..and visit the Netherlands(YES for herself )
A: If Daphne would win a lotery she would buy a whole packet of lolipops"

14.Idea of the perfect pizza ?
D: Biggest pizza from the whole world!with alot of FISH! (YUMMIE)
A: I think Daphne´s idea of perfect pizza is to make it soft and crispy and not burnt!

15.Celebrity crushes?
D: mmmm do i need something else to say....
A:. Memphis Depay;)

D: I think your dreamjob is to be Mileys cleaner hahaha or be a Au Pair in America :)
A: Working with Miley Cyrus as her background singer, dancer or be her make up artist!

17.Zodiac sign ?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke tag! Grappig dat jullie elkaar hebben ontmoet via Twitter, dat heb ik nog niet vaak gehoord. En wat knap dat ze van je weet wat je lievelingsfruit is. Dat zou ik écht niet weten van mijn beste vriendin. Binnenkort toch even vragen...

    1. haha dankjewel :) en ja we weten al best veel van elkaar! super leuk dat je het het artikel gelezen heb :)