maandag 23 maart 2015

Pretty little liars: Aria is A?

HII guys,

I'm SO addicted to P.L.L! i have watched literally every theory and every episode but im still so confused..
I really dont know who A is because everyone can be A.
Thats it everyone can be A everyone has reaons to be A.
When i started watching Pretty little liars i never thought that one of the liars could be A..
I mean why they should do this to their own friends! 
But when i watched some theories and watched some episodes back..I thought about ARIA..
Yes i even cant believe that she would be A but lets look to some things that are really strange!

1. why aria is doing the "shhhh" thing at the end of the opening?

Its like she is hiding someting..or has a secret.

2. The liars start getting A messages exactly when Aria came back from ieceland.
I dont think she and her family were there! they never mentioned anything from the trip.
I think Aria was at Radley i mean remember when Aria was at Radley, then E.Lamb reconiced her.

3.Some of the -A messages is written by a typewriter, which Aria had access to in Ezra's department..really weird right?

4.In the episode UnmAsked A was supposed to come as the black swan! Aria came with a black/red dress that exactly looks same as this swan from "the black swan"" many PHONES Aria have? it looks like she have alot of diffrent phones but why?
Why should a person have more than 6 phones..

6.Other theory about Atria being A is : Bryon's BROTHER HAS M.P.D ,which could have been passed down to Aria! M.P.D stands for "multi personality disorder...that means that this operson could have more than 6 diffrent personalities! hmm that sounds interesting!

7.Also Aria and A have ver very similar hand writing what do you think?

8. Aria loves pigs! so do A.

9. Remember mona called ARIA "BIG A" why she would say that? why she not just said Aria...
OR when mona said "Miss aria your a killer, not Ezra's wife" i know this was just a code for Maya BUT what if it means also something else?

10. Also i know its kind of weird like why Aria would send -A messages to herself,thats because i think she is having M.P.D, and maybe she doesnt know that shes A.


What do you guys think? Could Aria be A? I cant wait for the finale March 24th!Still i think we will not find out whos A this Tuesday..But we will see!-A ;)

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