vrijdag 26 december 2014

Xmas tag 2014

Today im doing the xmas tag with Alena.
Feel free to copy and paste the tag questions and fill them in yourselves, I'd love to see your answers in the comments:)
Hope u have all wonderfull xmas days!
-From home to home and heart to heart, From one place to another, The warmth and joy of Christmas, Brings us closer to each other.
Merry Christmas from me and my sisters and reindeer Alena;)

1.What is your favorite christmas movie?
D:- Definitely home alone! We watch it every year and its still my favorite movie from all the time! Its every year on tv and every year we watch it.
A:- My favorite christmas movies are Home Alone, The Polar Express, Drei haselnüsse für a Aschenbrödel and Mr Bean xmas episode.

2.What are your favorite xmas candies?
D:-CANDY CANE but i love the pink/white ones! I just love sweet candy but also cookies and waffles i just love all bad stuff haha
A:- My favo christmas candies are traditional czech chrismas candies.

3.Whats your favorite xmas gift?
D:-Theres not 1 special gift i like the most i just like all the things I get.
A:- Favo gift i ever got was Miley Cyrus concert ticket but all gifts what i got from my favo people are my favorite.

4.What is your favorite thing to do on christmas day?
D:-EATING haha i love to eat all at christmas! Im.always glad when its over and i can start with losing weight haha 
A:-My favo thing to do on xmas day is to layin on MY  couch and watchin xmass movies

5.Giving presents or receiving presents?
D:-I like both! I like to give it to people and be excited if they like it. But also i like receiving presents because, i like to get gifts and i love to get new stuff:)
A:- Giving presents.

6. Whats your favorite xmas song?
D:-Thats so diffrent because i like Alot!
I will make a list for you guys maybe also ideas if you don't know what to listen!
-Mariah Carey :all I want for christmas is you.
-Cascada :last christmas
-Miley Cyrus :rockin around the christmas tree.
-Ariana Grande :santa tell me
-Max Schneider and macy kate:jingle bell rock.
-Michael Bublé:let it snow
-Minions:jingle bells
-Bianca Ryan :why couldnt it be christmas everyday?
A:- I love alot of favo xmas songs but most i like songs as All i want for Christmas, Silent Night and Feliz Navidad.

7. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
D:-Being together and watchin movies together thats so cozy! And the christmas lights everywhere its just the best time of the year!
A:- My favo thing bout xmas is to giving presents to my favo people.

8. Do you have any Christmas traditions what you do every year? and which?
D:-We havent a christmas tradition that we do every year...we just celebrate with family and make alot of fun and alot of eating.
A:-  Every year im wearing raindeer tiara and Santa's head lol and not eat until xmass dinner but i never do that lol

9. Wats ur favorite makeup look for xmas?
D:-Definitely RED lipstick i love red lipstick it makes yoy look pretty even if u have a bad hair day! Also smokeyeyes i love  and a bit of pink blush (cute right).
A:- Favo make up for xmas? I think that red lips,  black eyelashes and good mascara.

10. Whats your favorite hairstyle for xmass holidays?
D:-I like curls but not to myself!
its so big and every minute its in your face (so annoying) so this year im going to make a milkmaid braid!that looks so beautiful so im gonna try it  (Pic coming soon ).
A:- My favo hairstyle for xmas is probably curly hair or a bun.

11. Real or fake xmas tree?
D:-Fake! Because,I like white xmas trees and i just love WHITE! Its an amazing colour and u can decorate it with every colour you want and it just looks amazing to our interior.
A:- i love both because in both is something beautiful but at home we have a real one.

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