dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Interview with Alexis Knox!

From being on stage at Wembley with Miley Cyrus and Pharrell,
to having the magazine she fashion directs on the coffee table of Eddie Monsoon, Alexis Knox is an established international fashion stylist from London, TV presenter, DJ and all round fashionista.
working with celebrities like Charli XCX, Rita Ora, Bruno Mars, and much more!

I had the chance to do a interview with Alexis!
Iam very excited to share this with you all!
Check it out:)

1.Introduce yourself and decribe yourself in 3 words.
I am alexis knox a celebrity stylist, fashion presenter, DJ and creative director of notion magazine.
Fierce/Fun/ Fabulous!

2.What job you always  wanted to do when u were a kid?
I've always wanted to entertain as I've always enjoyed clothes! Whether it was dancing/singing/acting or just making people laugh and be happy I've always wanted to communicate. I love teaching and informing and I was raised around a lot of music so I feel my current careers reflect my upbringing .

3.Whos your inspiration for fashion and music and why?
My grandfather was a huge inspiration... He always told me set the trends don't follow them. He always insisted I looked smart and presentable!

4.How u became so much famous that you now work with so many celebs?
Working with celebrities isn't about personal fame it's about providing a reliable service. And through word of mouth that grew. I also enjoy communicating and sharing so by using online social media that resulted in people being interested in what I do :)

5.If you could be forever a fashion stylist  for a celeb who would it be and why?
Madonna as I love evolving and coming up with new ideas and strategies including art direction.
Madonna was the queen of reinvention and I would love to aid those transformations again.

6.How did you started become a dj? you always had a love for music?
I've always loved music and clubbing nightlife... You get to dress up and be a star for the night! So being in clubs I began hosting club nights and then met DJs and promoters who believed in my taste and the audience I had and thought it make sense for me to DJ ... Which was a path I was always interested in!

Last question
7.Do u have any tips or advices for me as a blogger?
People people people...any career is about networking and relationships x
Thanks daphne
Lots of luck x

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