donderdag 23 juli 2015



As you guys know about 2 weeks we are FACE TO FACE WITH A!
Im so excited! when i watched episode 7 from Tuesday i got immediately a theory about WHO FREDDY could be...
You know that PLL is not only about WHO A is..There are so many stuff going on and we need an answer on all of that things. For example : Who is redcoat, who is Bethany Young, who is blackveil, who is Varjack and WHAT HAPPENED WITH TOBY HIS MOTHER? that's the sentence i ask myself the whole time over and over again since i've saw the episode from Tuesday. And you guys wanna know why?

Well as we saw at the end of the episode we saw a video..with little Alison, little Jason AND little Freddy. Ofcourse everyone thinks that the little boy is Charles..But i dont think so..
IF u watch the other video that Spencer saw at the dollhouse Alison was just a baby and Jason and Charles had the same age probably they were like 7 years old, as we know Charles is 15 months older than Jason.
When you see the video from NOW there are not much diffrences between little Alison,Jason and Freddy.. THERE'S NO WAY that there's a diffrence from 7 years between Ali and Freddy! That's impossible.
The other thing is that when i saw Freddy he looked alot as Toby..I dont know why but HIS FACE AND his hair looked alot same!

As we know Toby's mother went to radley and got an ACCIDENT and jumped out of a window..
Later we findout someone pushed Marion out of the window.
When you see Toby's mother and Mrs.D they look like SISTERS. If that's true than Toby, Alison and Jason are cousins! That would also mean that Mrs.D said the truth about it that it was a birthday party from a ''SECOND COUSIN" 
But than the question is WHY they take it as a secret? Because I THINK that Mrs.D pushed Marion out of the window! Ofcourse Mrs.D could have change the files from Marion because she worked at radley!

And Marlene tweeted also that we will know more about what happened to Toby's mom at the final!
So do you think that this story right now is a start of  "what happened to Toby's mom"?

Or am i completely wrong?
Let me know what you guys think!
I'm just SOOOOOO excited about the finale i hope we FINALLY get some answers.
We are closer and closer!

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  1. Echt een goede theorie! Nu je het over Toby's moeder hebt dacht ik meteen aan iets... Toen de meiden in die bunker zaten stond er toch iets in die kast geschreven, iets van "he's going to kill me"? Was dat niet ondertekent met - M ?! Wat als Toby's moeder (Marion) ook in die bunker gezeten had, gevangen genomen door Charles?

    1. Was die -M niet geschreven door Mona? Ik weet het echt niet hoor..
      Hopelijk weten we meer over 2 weken!