woensdag 10 februari 2016



Hello beautiful readers,

It's been a long time ago since i've posted a new article.
But im BACK! I will post alot more stuff these weeks/months and years.
I just love blogging to much and i like to share alot of stuff with ya'll.
I just  have been to busy these months, but i promise i'm going to write more and more these days.
Today i'm doing the WINTER TAG!
It's so cold and rainy these days, so i was thinking of doing a Winter tag for you guys.
I'm so glad that we have no snow here! Yes i like to build a snowman haha well let me say snow is cool,
but not if you need to walk through it EVERYDAY.
Well enough talk for right now, LETS GO TO the Winter tag.

What are the first 3 things that reminds you of the Winter?

The first 3 things that i'm thinking of when i think about the Winter :
2.Dark days (something that i really like because i think it's sooooo cozy)

What is your favorite lip product for the Winter?

My favorite lip product is definitely EOS! I just love the smell and it feels so soft! I think it's perfect when you are having dry lips during the Winter.

What is your favorite thing to wear in the Winter?

Alot of beanies!

What you hate the most about the Winter?

Ofcourse the cold..But also when it's just raining all day long. It makes me so depressed :(

Your favorite movie to watch in the Winter?

Nicolas Sparks movies!!! I'm just so obsessed with all of his movies!
But i also like Breakfast at Tiffany's and all that typical old movies.

Feel free to copy the questions! Have a nice day.
See you guys in another blogpost!

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